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   Three stories in one book.

Once Again Eden.

   Earth was devastated, mankind almost destroyed. Now one man has the key to humanities escape from final destruction.
   As he guards the gateway to the survivors last chance of salvation, in to his life a lone, beautiful, woman runs. Is she looking for hope and escape or is she something more sinister?
   He must decide as mankind's last days loom on the horizon.
                                  Sci-fi, Romance.

Frozen Earth.

   Three centuries into the new ice age one man leads a lost group of survivors across a frozen world of death and danger.
   Pursued by an army of raiders and cannibals they struggle through flesh tearing ice storms in hopes of a new land. Somehow the pursuers must be stopped.
   One raven haired woman in the survivor's group may be the key if she wasn't so lost herself. Struggling with her conscience, she will decide the success or failure of their future.
                                  Sci-fi, Adventure, Romance.

   On a desolate planet the sole survivor struggles to avoid the creatures that pursue him. Perhaps the very ones that destroyed the first colony 30 years earlier.
   Perhaps the same ones that killed his father. Now faced with one final life and death situation he must decide not only his fate, but that of the approaching fleet.
   He must get to the old colony ruins first and that may be a problem on a planet covered with deep sands and the things that live within.
                                    Sci-fi, Action, Drama.


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